By telling the powerful stories of those released who were falsely detained and through our intensive education on human rights,

we inspire campaign that leads to positive changes in the criminal justice system and the society as a whole.

Everyone has the right to fair hearing but many accused cannot afford the services of a brilliant lawyer. Over 70% of inmates in Nigerian prisons are poor, it is the reason over 50% cannot afford the service of a lawyer.
We believe that the poor has right to justice, it is our mandate therefore, to see to it that no innocent person is unjustly incarcerated without access to a solicitor of counsel to defend him.
In our short history of existence, we have provided free legal representation for over 50 inmates and secured the release of about 30 inmates.

 Prosper Ogbonna, Moses Silver, Ogbonnaya Chima, Silas Kingsley, Azeez Shibu and Tochi John who were standing trial for alleged stealing offense in suit F/66/18, Court 6, Igbosere Magistrate court were discharged and acquitted on the 5th of February, 2019.
The accused were represented in court by the legal team of Acquit International Foundation. Until their freedom, they were remanded at Ikoyi prison due to their inability to meet their bail conditions since October,2018.

The legal team of AIF on the 10th of December, 2018 secured the discharged of
Junior Odoh OG/416/18
Domolu Balawu OG/416/18
Yisa Mecus OG/416/18
Kedee Wiziyat OG/416/18 And
Segun Oluwole OG/378/18 Who all claimed to be unjustly arrested and charged to court by the Lagos State Police Force. According to them, this false detention was a breach of their fundamental human rights.

We secured the discharged of Olusola Orishaegbe and Tijani Moruff who were standing trial in suit, OG/47/19 for an alleged conspiracy to steal offence.
Olusola and Moruff were arrested and arraigned on the 30th of January, 2019.
Nigerian Prisons will be become decongested when every inmates has quick access to justice. They were ACQUITTED on the 15th day of May, 2019.
Right To Personal Liberty
Right To Personal Liberty
Right To Fair Hearing
Right To Fair Hearing
Congratulations ūüéä
To Be Free Is To Be Living.

We secured the discharged of Ogou Noenl and Isaac Owusu who were both standing trial for an alleged stealing offence in suit R/99/2018, at Igbosere Magistrate Court today.
The case was struck out for want of diligence prosecution.
Though not citizens of Nigeria, Acquit International Foundation provided a legal representative for the defendants, because human rights should be enjoyed by every one irrespective of one’s nationality.
Our passion is spurred by our belief in the dignity of the human life and enforcement of the fundamental rights of inmates to seek redress in court without undue incarceration and the attendant hardship conditions. It is our conviction that our efforts will, on the long run, lead to the Decongestion of prisons and improve on the quality of life conditions of inmates.

Idris Olareawaju who was standing trial for an alleged stealing offence in suit OG/596/18, at Ogudu Magistrate Court was declared ACQUITTED on the 18th March, 2019.
Prior to this day, Idris was remanded in prison since September, 2018. He couldn’t perfect his bail conditions because of financial constraint. The jubilation on his face knew no bounds as he finally regained his freedom today.
Human Liberty is priceless.

Jimoh Kudus OG/113/18 and Kayode Durodola OG/113/18, were charged for alledgely being members of a secret cult. They were raided at their street, Omotola Akintunde, Abule Egba on March, 2018 and has since then been in custody at Ikoyi prison. Our legal position today at Ogudu Magistrate Court was for the case to be struck out for want of diligence prosecution. Our plea was granted by the magistrate, leading to their discharge and acquittal.

Gafar Somorin, age 34, who was standing trial for an alleged stealing offence in suit C/106/18, in Tinubu Magistrate court 3.
Gafar prior to his released, had appeared in court 5 times without a counsel, the magistrate advised him to get a counsel but Gafar couldn’t afford a legal service.
Acquit intervened by providing him with a lawyer and secured his release on the 9th day of April, 2019.
We must all take responsibilities toward those suffering unnecessily in detention.

Emmanuel Nwanchor, Suit:P/05/19, age 23 who was standing trial at Igbosere Magistrate Court 11, for an alleged stealing offense, was declared acquitted today. Prior to his release, there was no complainants or witnesses. Our lawyer made an application that his case be struck out for want of diligence prosecution. Application was granted by the magistrate and he was discharged.

 Joshua Udoh who was standing trial for an alleged stealing offense in suit OG/90/2019 was discharged yesterday, the 7th of May, 2019.
To overcome the problem of long awaiting trial situations in Nigerian courts, reconciliatory procedures are encouraged.
Our lawyer initiated a reconciliatory process with the complainant which led to the peaceful resolution and the consequent withdrawal of charges against Joshua.
The magistrate, her honour Ejiro Ikubenje sitting at Ogudu court, accepted the withdrawal application and declared the defendant free.

 Meet Amsat Lukmon who was arrested and charged to court on 20th December, 2017, and was standing trial for an alleged man slaughtering offence insuit C/172/2017, at Tinubu Magistrate court was DISCHARGED today the 26th day of March, 2019. In an interview session with him, Lukmon recalled his ordeal in IKOYI prison, he wish never to return to such a place again. According to him, no human being would want his liberty to be taken away from him.
He also raised an alarm about the very bad condition of the prison and urged the Nigerian government to consider prison reformation urgently.

Yeah! Another success recorded today.
The legal team of Acquit International Foundation on 15th January, 2018, yet again secured the release of these ex inmates
Oladapo Matthew OG/489/2018 and Tope Oyekanmi OG/489/2018. Who were both charged of stealing a cell phone.
The defendants have been in detention since September(5 months)and have been appearing in court without a legal representative. Our team came across them in the course of our recent project on prison decongestion.
The magistrate sitting in court on this day struck out the case after a legal representation from us.
Congratulations guys, we see the excitement on your faces.

Can you imagine a world in which everyone becomes aware of their human rights and respects those rights? What a beautiful world it will be.
Human rights education is a priority to us. Human rights education is the basis for conflict resolution and the promotion of social order. it also contributes to improving the effectiveness of the education system as a whole, which in turn contributes to a country’s economic, social and political development.

Despite the many advantages of human rights education, many Nigerians are ignorant of these rights. Through our interaction with members of the society, we found out that an average Nigerian is not aware of his/her human rights, hence, they vulnerable to all manner of abuses.
The reason we are carrying out an enlightenment campaign. Our focus presently is on young people. Hence, we visit schools periodically to educate students of these rights. We believe it is important young people become aware of these rights early so, they can become invaluable advocates.


Some of the reasons Human Rights Education is a priority to us;
Human Rights Education provides a basis for conflict resolution and the promotion of social order.

It contributes to improving the effectiveness of the education system as a whole, which in turn contributes to a country’s economic, social and political development.

It provides the key for advocacy.


In the school system, Human Rights Education is an important component of the right to education.
Rights education would contribute to the realization of human rights for all.
Today, we informed the students about the Human Rights principles.


Do you know that to know your rights is very important?
Our human rights teaching with these students will inculcate in them the right values and also equip them to know when their rights are violated or trampled upon.

Human rights education will develop their inter personal relationships and informed critical thinking essential to a democracy. It will also provides multicultural and historical perspectives on the universal struggle for justice and dignity of the human persons.

Ever imagine a world where people respect one another? A world where everyone understands the dignity of the other person? A world where people value, defend, promote and protect each other?
Human Rights education would bring us close to such a world.
Acquit International Foundation believes that, human rights education is the foundation of peace, freedom and justice in the world.




Do you know that an important outcome of human rights education is EMPOWERMENT?

Members of the society could increase their control of their own lives and the decisions that affect them through human rights education.
Our ultimate goal is that through this education, people would work together to bring about human rights, justice, equity, freedom, and dignity for all.

Ex-inmates that were wrongly accused and falsely imprisoned and through our effort were discharged, we share their stories with the public effectively thereby propelling an action against unlawful detention.
Also, by our frequent visit to prisons, we are aware of many members of the society who are illegally being incarcerated. After we secure their release, we will tell their story to inspire campaign that will curtail or end unlawful detention

In Nigeria, agencies such as the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), State Security Service (SSS) otherwise refers to as DSS are empowered by the law to make arrest.

In making arrest however, the law such as the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015 set out the procedures by which an arrest should be carried out.

Sadly, officers making arrest in Nigeria do not comply by the provisions of those laws.
More than 50% of inmates awaiting trial in Nigeria prisons were falsely arrested, hence, are unlawfully detained. They are prisoners who do not have business being in prison.

Acquit International has a track record of securing the release of such inmates who were victims of false arrest/detention. Junior Udoh, Domolu Balawu, Yisa Mekwesa, Kedee Wiziyat, Jimoh Kudus, Kayode Durodola and many others are ex inmates who were all raided by the officers of the Nigeria Police Force in Lagos State and were abandoned in prison.

This of course, is one of the reasons for the dense population in Nigerian prisons.

Right to liberty is one of the most sacred human rights, we urge the law enforcement agencies to comply by the provisions of the law and ensure that arrest, investigation and remand are done lawfully.

Beyond providing legal defense, we offer legal assistance for prosecution. Perpetrators of human rights abuses must be held accountable for their actions.

We investigate and document human rights abuses where ever it occurred.