Acquit International secured the release of USMAN ABASS, AYO AHMED, AFEEZ JIMOH, SAMSON OLABINJO and ABIODUN SHARA who had been in Kirikiri medium prison awaiting trial since December, 2018 for an alleged conspiracy/damages offence in suit MM/B/96/18 at Ogba Magistrate court 2, Mushin.
Our lawyer argued that the defendants were dumped in the prison as neither the complaint nor the police witnesses were coming to court and prayed the court to strick out the matter.
The application was granted and the defendants were ACQUITTED on Thursday 17th October, 2019.

It’s no news that Nigeria Criminal Justice System is slow. It is characterized by unending adjournment.
The whole system has been described as “a conveyor belt of injustice.”
Christopher Ademola has been awaiting trial in Ikoyi prison since December 8th, 2018 for an alleged conspiracy/stealing offence. His matter which was adjourned for trial on 29th April, and 5th June, 2019 respectively did not hold.
Acquit International’s legal team again were in court to represent him today, however, the matter was yet again adjourned to September, 2019 for trial. We hope the trial holds this next date and justice be served Christopher Ademola.
This is one of the reasons we exist, to provide pro bono legal services and ensure an effective/efficient criminal justice system.

After series of adjournment, Christopher Ademola matter came to an end today.

Christopher Ademola was awaiting trial in Ikoyi prison since December 8th, 2018 for an alleged conspiracy/stealing offence in suit OG/635/18.

Acquit International works to ensure that no innocent person is unjustly incarcerated without access to a counsel to defend him.

 We procured the release of OREOLUWA OLADIPUPO who was awaiting trial at Kirikiri prison in suit MM/B/80/19 at Court 2 Mushin, for an alleged cultism offence. 

The case was struck out on 10th October, 2019 for want of diligence prosecution after our lawyer made representation for him. 



#right to counsel.

Rights Education hangout today with students of Advance Private Secondary School, Lagos State.

Did you know that the realization of the inherent human rights of everyone is a precondition for the possibility of a just society?

Human Rights session at BAPTIST COLLEGE.

The idea of freedom and rights have been part of human societies since the birth of first civilizations.

Today, our modern world relies on this fundamental perception to save itself from injustice.

It’s always pleasant to inculcate this idea into our young ones.

With the use of relevant teaching materials, we illustrated to the students the International Bill of Human Rights.

We look forward to these young ones becoming invaluable advocates for peace and tolerance.

Thank You Wonderful College.

 Human Rights session in the church⛪

Taking Rights teaching to every spheres of the society.

When the Universal Declaration of Human Rights become very well known and understood, it will result into a better, more peaceful world