“The best way to invest is to invest in people.”

By telling the powerful stories of those released who were falsely detained and through our intensive education on human rights, we inspire campaign that leads to positive changes in the criminal justice system and the society as a whole.




-Lawyers to represent inmates in court.
-Loaning your specialist expertise to an area of our work.
-Teach human rights in schools.
-Raising funds assisting our human rights work in Nigeria.

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What Makes You A Partner?

Partners are individuals, families, businesses or organizations that faithfully and periodically sow some level of financial support into Acquit International Foundation. Your Partner gift enables us to carry out our mission and vision of offering free legal services for indigent\poor members of the society in detention who cannot afford the service of a brilliant lawyer and also, it will provide effective human rights education to members of the public.

 Partner with us today, we will like you to be our Partner. You can contact us through our contact page.


You can make a one-time gift or setup a recurring gift through our secured website using your bank account or bank card (credit or debit). It’s easy to give and support Acquit International Foundation.

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