We are a non-profit, non-governmental human rights organization incorporated on the 24th day of October, 2018 under the Companies and Allied Matters Acts, Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990 (as Amended).

Acquit International Foundation envisages a society in which the administration of  justice system is effective and efficient and the citizenry are aware of their rights and have their rights respected.


To promote access to justice and fairness in the society and create mediums for the dissemination of human rights education.


Our passion is spurred by our belief in the dignity of the human life and by our knowledge of the administration of criminal justice system in Nigeria as it affects negatively the human conditions of persons in custody awaiting or undergoing trials in courts.


Our overall aims and objectives are to help in facilitating the smooth, efficient and effective administration of the criminal justice system so as to decongestion the prison and ensure that no innocent person is unjustly incarcerated without access to a Solicitor of counsel to defend him.

In our short history of existence, we have provided free legal representation for over 50 inmates and secured the release of about 30 inmates.

Human rights education is a priority to us. Human rights education is the basis for conflict resolution and the promotion of social order

Ex-inmates that were wrongfully accussed and falsely imprisoned, who through our efforts were discharged,we share their stories with the public effectively, thereby propelling an action against unlawful arrest.

We offer legal assistance for prosecution. Perpetrators of human rights abuses must be held accountable.

We Transform our Vision into Creative Results

Your Donation would go a long way to save lives of Millions of Nigerian who are unlawfully detained and cannot afford a lawyer.